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As an owner of a holiday home, it’s quite natural that holiday home maintenance in Cumbria and other areas is your liability. Without proper management and maintenance, your guests would not like to choose your guest house. So, at C Hall and Son, we would like to share some ideas that we use to maintain our holiday home. 

It is our liability to maintain your security and look after the necessary requirements of our guests. Have a look at some factors that we consider for holiday home maintenance:

  1. Maintain Hygiene by doing Changeovers

While managing a property, it is necessary to maintain hygiene. Especially, during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more concerned about hygiene management.

Our team keeps the matter in mind. We regularly change the bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, and other essential things in our guest room. So, you don’t need to worry if you are choosing our holiday home. We are very cautious about hygiene management.

  1. Control and Manage the Room Temperature

Whether it is summer or winter, we maintain the insulation of the rooms in your holiday home. We believe comfort is a prime part of a holiday home maintenance in Cumbria. So, don’t worry, we can arrange a fireplace and room heater in the rooms during winter. 

Also, we arrange ACs in your room for summer. Your comfort is totally our concern. So, don’t worry, we take care of your comfort.

  1. Maintain the Water Pipes and Plumbing

If you need plenty of water from your shower and taps, we look after the caravan plumbing in Cumbria. You won’t face any problem with the flow of the water from various areas because our team is responsible to look after the maintenance of the pipelines in the rooms. 

We have a dedicated plumbing service team that checks the plumbing system of every room and repair or replace whenever needed.

  1. Maintain the Safety and Security     

Safety always plays a crucial role in preventing damage, theft, etc. Our team at C Hall and Son looks after your safety and security requirements. We have CCTV cameras at our reception to check every visitor. 

Our security is an expert in protecting your property. We maintain your safety so that you don’t face any type of problem from our end. We also provide cupboards with lockers so that you can keep your valuables safely in it.

  1. Fire Control and Management

Accidents may occur at any time. So, our team has arranged fire control sprinklers at every part of your rooms. Moreover, if you face any type of problem regarding short circuits and other fire hazards, our team has an emergency planner to solve this issue.

Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned ideas can give you clarity from the team of C Hall and Son for doing proper holiday home maintenance in Cumbria. So, if you are planning to choose our guest house, call to book on 07778 847613/ 01539 824774. Shoot an email at to know more about us. We are ready to help you with the booking. 

Some people are blissfully ignorant about the fact that their property insurance would not suffice a maintenance agreement and is exclusive of the charges of things breaking down, requiring maintenance as well as treatment for natural wear and tear. Insurance is meant for compensating the damages done by unforeseen circumstances and an unexpected turn of events.

Hence, you should have adequate precautionary measures in place for safeguarding your fixed asset and making sure that your leisure home residents are to have a disaster-free and safe holiday. You can significantly reduce the odds of expensive repair works and long-term damage simply by ensuring that all holiday home repairs in Cumbria are completed in a timely manner.


Here is a useful checklist for autumn maintenance of your business property and you are expected to carefully go through it. Always remember to go for holiday home repairs in Cumbria at the earliest possible opportunity by calling an established service provider like C. Hall and Son.


  • Re-grout, clean tiles, and re-seal your worktops
  • Check whether or not there is anything wrong with the drainage system of your sinks and appliances while looking out for leaks that could lead to dampness and rotting


  • If the silicone turns out to be mouldy, replace it immediately and re-seal
  • Clean the tiles before re-grouting them

(Tip: You may hire an acclaimed neighbourhood provider with a proven track record in holiday home repairs in Cumbria for the said jobs.)


  • Thoroughly check your loft for signs of burst pipes and moisture
  • Watch out for pest infestation indications, such as foul and/or strange smells, droppings, marks of chewing and/or gnawing, nests of bees and/or wasps


Check all your wooden door edges, windows, and doorframes for cracked putty and wood rot so that the cold air and water are not able to get inside your property. Make sure that your window panes are placed in a safe distance from any flowing water and it does not drain behind the window or gets accumulated on the sill. If you need to replace or repair the wood in windows and doors, you can consult a renowned commercial company that specialises in the holiday home and caravan repairs in Cumbria.


Examine the external coat of your property and touch-up or repaint. You need not paint your entire house. Working on the most visible and/or used areas would be enough. Check the outdoor furniture for chipped paint to varnish or give them a touch-up as and when required. You may also visit a reputed contracting firm that undertakes business property and caravan repairs in Cumbria for outsourcing your paint jobs. Feel free to ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbours for suitable referrals and testimonials.


It is imperative for a responsible property owner to engage a trusted local company like C. Hall and Son for holiday home repairs in Cumbria as soon as they are being required. It is highly recommended that you start investing in the periodic maintenance of your park lodge if not done already.